Because the court-involved individual's life story matters,
we gather it and tell it in the most compelling way.

Jim Manning, Forensic Social Worker

Specializing in
trauma informed forensic
interviewing to obtain
bio-psycho-social information
to see your case succeed.

"One of the most important advances
in criminal defense work
over the last 40 years
has been the evolution of
skills, tactics, and techniques
to contextualize criminal behavior
through mitigation narratives."

-Bryan Stevenson,
Founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative

What we do
to help balance the scales

We incorporate forensic social work skills into a client-centered, holistic court preparation and hearing model. These services are provided in the following legal settings:

► Civil and Criminal Court Mitigation Services - Collect all necessary information to provide the mitigation story for alternative sentencing in capital cases, non-capital cases, and bond hearings.
► Probate Court Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) - Promote the best interests of the Alleged Incapacitated Individual (A.I.I.) in guardianship and protective proceedings.
► Family Court - Licensed Clinical Social Worker contractor for SC Commission on Indigent Defense (SCCID) interdisciplinary representation on the parent's legal team in child welfare cases.

Specialized services include:
• Conduct trauma informed forensic interviews with the client, family members, and all other pertinent individuals
• Create bio-psycho-social assessments to tell a compelling life story including multi-generational extended family genograms
• Secure and interpret psycho-social-medial assessments and records
• Prepare mitigation workups, reports, and sentencing memorandums
• Develop criminogenic needs protective and imperilment factors matrix
• Arrange screenings or evaluations by other specialized professionals and facilitate treatment options and acceptance

Strengthen your case and provide
exceptional solutions for your clients.
Using logic, ingenuity, and experience,
we work with you to navigate alternative strategies and ensure the best possible sentencing options are effectively presented to the court.
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