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Jim Manning

Jim lives in the Columbia South Carolina area. He and his wife, Sandra C. Manning, Ph.D., have two adult children - Son Jim, who lives with his wife Amanda in Clemmons NC, and Luke, who resides in Columbia.  Jim retired after his first post-graduate career as a social worker and administrator in S.C. state government.  He then worked full-time with the non-profit public health organization PALSS, Inc. for more than 10 years.  Now in his third career, he is an enterpriser who set up an eclectic consulting business, Gray Hair Solutions LLC. Jim has been an Adjunct College Professor for over two decades and was elected for three terms to the Richland County Council, from which he stepped aside in 2020.  Utilizing his master’s degrees in Public Administration and Social Work, along with decades of multifaceted professional experiences, Jim approaches every opportunity with passion, eagerness and hope.  Finally, he creates personal well-being by long-distance running, humoring their Cockapoo puppy (Gigi Camaro), attending his church, sightseeing, and pondering.

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Margaret O'Shea

Margaret O’Shea grew up in central South Carolina and, excepting three years in Southern Illinois, she has lived in the Columbia area ever since. In 2001 she left a long career in newspaper journalism, mainly at The Columbia Record and The State, and began a new career in mitigation services utilizing skills honed in more than 35 years of researching, investigating, interviewing, and telling real people’s stories.  Margaret’s also a church musician and, from time to time, a free-lance writer, editor, writing coach, and consultant. She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mass communications from the University of South Carolina and Southern Illinois University. She credits living life and working since the age of 16 for all she knows about people and how to figure out what got them where they are in life and the legal system.  She is a prison volunteer with female inmates in recovery. Margaret  was married to James H. O’Shea, who died in 1993. Their sons are Brendan Seamas, who lives in Japan; Sean Michael, who lives in Liberty, S.C; and Brian Patrick, who lives in Columbia. Her personal passions are gardening, reading, writing, meditating in peaceful places, and loving and being loved by her pets.
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